Do you suffer from blog envy?

Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Barbie head with green eyes

Do you ever…

– Experience feelings of inferiority when other blogs seem to have many more followers and/or comments and likes on their posts than yours does?

– Feel waves of self-doubt when you struggle for ideas on what to blog about, and yet others seem to have a never-ending stream of great ideas?

– Start to feel insecure when you see people who have stopped commenting on your blog, are still commenting on other blogs you follow?

– Question whether there is some kind of conspiracy going on when you see blog after blog being Freshly Pressed, and you secretly feel that some of your posts have been better than some of the Freshly Pressed ones? (for non WordPressers – being Freshly Pressed is like receiving an Oscar for your blog. And for those of my followers who have been Freshly Pressed, I’m obviously not talking about YOUR blogs…

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